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Presently, no scientific protocol exists to either prove or disprove scalar light action. Furthermore, only a scalar light instrument can be utilized to monitor and observe scalar light action upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.

The testimonies herein are first-hand accounts as to the efficacy of the scalar light sessions by way of a photograph of a person, animal, plant or object. These testimonies are subjective. Nonetheless, the testimonies serve as the initial body of evidence attesting to the benefits of the scalar light sessions. Scalar light is a new and emerging science and the testimonies listed on the website have been voluntarily submitted.

The scalar light sessions are administered upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. In practice, all scalar sessions act within the scalar light dimension which is distinct from the electromagnetic dimension. Therefore, all testimonies submitted to www.scalarlight.com reflect the subjective experience or observation of people that have e-mailed photographs of people, animals, plants and objects for scalar light sessions. Consequently, the scalar light sessions and the associated testimonies represent the new and emerging science of influencing the scalar light force fields embedded upon photographs.

The scalar light instruments are unique as well as the scalar light protocols which administer scalar light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Thus, the testimonies are unique, first-hand accounts relative to the ground-breaking, private research of Tom Paladino contained herein at: www.scalarlight.com


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Top > Fat Metabolism

Mar 15, 2024 by Susan on Scalar Light
I have noticed some days I am not as hungry
Just finishing week 3. I have noticed some days i am not as hungry, others it curbs my portions; I can wait longer times between meals. My abdominal area - feels thinner on the inside. I have not weighed nor measured. Would like to continue on the program after my first month.
Feb 28, 2024 by Anon on Scalar Light
3 pounds immediately dropped off and I lost an additional 2 pounds on top of that
When I went on the fat metabolizing treatment, I was really testing myself for gluten responses and decided I am not going to change my eating habits so that I can see how the fat metabolizing worked without my trying to facilitate the process. I am only in the second week right now so I will have more to report on this later. During the first few days, I did the opposite of help it along, I ate as much glutenous crap as I could find (oreo cookies, chips ahoy, pizza, etc) to see if I could eat crap and lose weight and also I was testing my gluten responses, and had none. At first I gained an additional 3 pounds within the first 4 days then when I just couldn't take any more crap and went back to eating salads, gluten free meals and microwave popcorn, that 3 pounds immediately dropped off and I lost an additional 2 pounds on top of that. I have only been on the Fat metabolizing treatment for about 10 days. I took pictures and measurements when I started and will do that again at the two week mark, then when I feel finished, I will create a time lapse thing and send them all to you to compare. So far, I am noticing some very significant changes in a very short period of time. I will keep you posted over time.
Feb 19, 2024 by Anon on Scalar Light
Co-workers said, "You look like you are losing weight."
My clothes are looser and yesterday co-workers said, "You look like you are losing weight." l feel less hungry…This is one protocol I am happy to be on. I am also doing scalar treatments since end August and feel like a different person. Thanks!”
Feb 15, 2024 by Anon on Scalar Light
It's 100% the scalar energy fat metabolism!
Hi Tom!

I am doing great! I am definitely losing weight. I put a jacket on today that I have not worn for a few weeks... It's too big for me! That felt great! It's 100% the scalar energy fat metabolism! I haven't been doing anything differently! Thank you!
Jan 31, 2024 by Anon on Scalar Light
My stomach wasn’t calling out for anything to be quenched.
Well, I started Fat Mobilizer after answering questions from my 15 day free trial. I was enthralled to see what in the “ body healing” was going to happen next. My experienced with the trial was life changing, eye opening, amazing, gigantic, top healing ever. Never, have I ever had a protocol as SCALAR LIGHT. I have been changed. I now have more questions. Many, many more. How could we all not have that option to have it home with us? How could the whole world not be healed now? The Diabetes is serious. This thing is healing the most serious, broken parts of my anatomy. This thing from, I don’t know where or how, is changing/altering my anatomy. The healings were not just healing but correcting my Diabetic dying flesh by day 5 or so. Now I get Fat Metabolism treatment/program. Again, I am enthralled. How could the whole world dismiss SCALAR LIGHT?

Energy is my life. And I am familiar with different modes of energy. I’m learning and studying all the time about healing and energy. It is new to me. About, 3yers new. I was enthralled to find out how this intelligent energy was changing, fixing, my entire system. I was in awe of how this “out of the world” energy changes, transmutes, intelligent energy. I really did not know how in the world this amazing energy is not in every ones hands.

I wake up today and check extremities every day. I check myself due to the severity of my neuropathy in both feet and hands. I looked up the word to make sure I did not misunderstood what two words meant.

My results, my daily changes had me checking every part of my body. Every morning, I immediately could tell, I felt less stuffed. I felt lighter right away.

My stomach did not yearn for something that could fill me up. I felt satiated. I felt calm in my stomach. I have a strange disconnect with my stomach. I did not feel satiated. I did not feel ok. I was always looking for something that will satiate me. It really upset me to fell so needy. Not knowing what I needed.

I noticed right away that I had a content feeling. My stomach wasn’t calling out for anything to be quenched.
Aug 20, 2022 by Yasmin on Scalar Light
Fat Metabolism
Hello there,

I just wanted to share some feedback with you after being on the Fat Metabolism Program for 7 days. It seems that my digestive system has improved significantly. I was not expecting this, but I seem to process meals very quickly now through the digestive tract with ease. I'm not sure if this is common to experience with this program but thought I would mention it. I've been eating a fairly healthy diet with plenty of fresh raw and cooked vegetables, but even with eating this way in the past, I never experienced such regular and easy digestive functions before.

Jun 30, 2022 by Anon on Scalar Light
I was able to lose inches in a healthy way
I completed 2 months of the scalar light fat metabolism program to try and get ready for fashion week in a healthier way. My side job is as a model and it can be really hard to slim down without relapsing with my eating disorder. For the first time I can remember, I was able to lose inches in a healthy way. What was really awesome was I wasn’t as obsessive about food either, it seemed to finally take a back seat for me. I lost 1 inch off of my waist, 1/2 inch off of my hips and a 1 inch off of each thigh. This might not seem like a lot, but it was for me! I couldn’t get my measurements down to that no matter what I tried before scalar. Thank you for your help!
Dec 15, 2021 by Anon on Scalar Light
My arms went from FAT OF 16 inches to 12!
I thank u every day for every moment on Scalar Light. I am changed in so many ways. What an amazing " tool", force. Why would anyone reject healing like Scalar Light? I would love to work with Scalar Light programs for you, forever.

Tom, so many people, even family, that just do not understand Scalar Light. Physically I've changed a great deal because of Fat Metabolizer. Just amazing. Really amazing. My arms went from FAT OF 16 inches to 12!!!!!!!!!!!! Legs same down 4 inches of FAT.
May 17, 2021 by LINDSEY on Scalar Light
An Overall Increase in My Vital Life Force Energy
During my free trial, I experienced Wild dreams of processing
Pains & knowing what emotional experience they were attached to...
Since purchasing the month of Standard Scalar & Metabolism I have noticed a reduction in chronic inflammation, stomach bloat, and an overall increase in my vital life force energy. It feels as if all of my cells have been wrung out, renewed, and restored to their original highest vibratory form. I am so incredibly grateful and enthused to have been introduced to Scalar healing!
Apr 30, 2021 by Sage on Scalar Light
My Leptin Levels Have Decreased
I have been on the Fat Metabolism program for several months. My recent bloodwork indicated that my leptin levels have decreased significantly since I enrolled! So far have not lost any weight, but this measurable difference is worth remarking upon!
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